Property & Conveyancing


It’s up there as one of the more taxing times of your life, and we know that when it comes to moving house, the last thing you need is more stress, and dealing with ‘the legals’ certainly isn’t the fun part, but it shouldn’t be a burden.

We’ve all been there, us included (many times) – the countless phone calls, the paperwork, the boxes, the removal van, the completion date…and the cat, don’t forget the cat!

It all mounts up, but because we’ve been through it ourselves, we know how you’re feeling and what you’re thinking and we’re here to help you move things along as quickly and as smoothly as we can.

Our standard charges for this service are set out in the document below.

Other Property Matters

Of course, we don’t only deal with conveyancing. Property law covers a vast array of matters in regard to which we can offer our expert advice, including:-

  • Land sales and swaps
  • Neighbour and boundary disputes
  • Easements and rights of access
  • Tenancy Agreements and Leases
  • Landlord and Tenant issues and disputes

and much more.

We would be delighted to discuss your matter over the phone, at your home or at the office over a cup of tea.

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