Commercial & Commercial Property

After family and friends (and sometimes even before friends), your business is the next most important relationship that you have and nurturing it is a full-time job and hopefully a rewarding one.

There are multiple aspects to running a business, from start-up to sale and sound commercial judgment is key to success. Whilst you know that you can rely on your own competence to take difficult and important decisions, the competence and judgment of your advisors can be just as crucial.

Rushford & McCarville offer advice on wide-ranging commercial issues with the legal context but pride ourselves on understanding our clients’ businesses and helping them make decisions that are both legally and commercially sound. We have wide contacts for specialist expert advice where required, and routinely offer advice regarding:-

  • Business Acquisitions and Sales
  • Commercial Property, Developments, Uplifts and Options
  • Employer-Employee relations
  • Contractual Disputes and Litigation

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