Our Mission

With Integrity

With Passion

With Vigour

...and we mean it!

We approach every case with a 'can do' attitude and central to that is our belief that our clients deserve the best possible advice, and that starts with our own integrity, passion and vigour. 

Rushford & McCarville is a 21st century firm, founded on the principles of professionalism, fairness and humanity, which we consider paramount in the service of our clients.

With our contemporary and commercial outlook, we strive to offer the excellent professional, yet personal service that our clients require. We believe that to fulfil that requirement, the legal profession must strive to meet the standards of other industry leaders in a global 21st century and, as such, we support the use of plain English, avoiding legal jargon wherever possible.

As a new firm within Newport Pagnell, we shall endeavour to become an integral part of the community and provide quality legal advice for the residents and local businesses of the town.

We look forward to meeting you.


Our Mission